Steven Chang, Corporate Vice-President at Tencent, believes that China is set to become the most influential trendsetter in the world of mobile marketing and omni-channel integration.

A big call, perhaps, in a world where Google, Facebook and Snapchat capture billions in ad spend every year. But Chang, who leads the online advertising and media sales division at the Shenzhen-based internet giant, is in a position to make the claim: Tencent - which alongside e-commerce giant Alibaba and search engine Baidu make up China's 'big three' internet companies - soared to a market cap of more than $US 300 billion in early May 2017.

Tencent is now the 10th largest publicly traded company in the world, and the biggest in Asia. But according to Chang, they're just getting started: today, the number of internet users in China outweighs the United States by more than 2 to 1. Mobile phone usage in China is soaring and brands are looking to jump on the bandwagon.

"Digital media in China, in terms of history, is not that long. However, it has affected all people's lives," Chang said at the Advertising Week Asia event in Tokyo recently.