Marketers need to stop focusing on the new and exciting and turn their attention to optimising their media mix. Speaking at the Future of Brands conference in Sydney, John Broome, CEO of the Australian Association for National Advertisers (AANA), said: “As a profession, we tend to get attracted to the bright, shiny and new and we over-lean in that direction. Sometimes it can jeopardise what truly is important when it comes to delivering on those fundamentals.”

For Broome, the fundamentals boil down to working out which levers to pull for the brand, something he says marketers are improving on. He said: “We’re getting a better understanding of how we optimise our choices and what delivers the best outcome. Not just in terms of the short term outcome but also the long term sustainability of the business; and balancing those two is absolutely critical.”

Broome acknowledges that the marketing landscape has become far more complex than in years gone by, but he ultimately believes the purpose of the profession hasn’t changed. There is, however, a new task required: simplifying things for the stakeholders responsible for signing off the investment required by the marketing department.