Volkswagen Sharan: Magic

DDB International

THE family car celebrates its revival after 15 years

1995, a leader is born, the epitome of modern family cars: space, flexible seats, easy to drive, low running costs. After 11 years on top, the struggle begins: from 55,698 vehicles sold down to 15,046.

We were definitely not optimistic about reviving the Sharan.

2010: The car industry crisis deepens.

According to ACEA(European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association) overall sales decreased by -5.5%, Germany alone slumped -23.4%.

B-MPV: A dull category under strong pressure.

The B-MPV has to fight with competitive and social dynamics. The target group now has more choice: SUV’s, crossovers, crossover-coupés and MPV crossovers.

Competition: The MPV-derivate Ford S-Max renews and leads the category

S-Max was set to receive a face lift at the time of Sharan’s launch – a major threat as it added a more inspirational dimension to the category’s generic space proposition: flexible Sports Activity Vehicle (SAV).