Yaris 'Intelligent Life'

Brand Name: Yaris
Client Name:
Agency Name: Saatchi & Saatchi
Category for this Entry: Automotive (Silver)


In 2003 - twice as old as its segment's average - the Yaris was beginning to fear aging. On the eve of its 5th anniversary, Toyota decided it needed a new campaign to defy the expected fate of its smallest model. The 'natural' aging process dictates that generally around the 3rd/4th year after launch, the average car enters the irreversible declining phase of its model lifecycle. Toyota Yaris' 'Intelligent Life' campaign helped address the aging process and its expected decline in sales. Sales in Europe increased by 3.7% and prices remained stable. This was achieved at a time when competitors' sales fell by between 5% and 15% and the European car market contracted.