Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications International AB: The Sony Ericsson Fanwalk to the MTV EMAs

Sony Ericsson (SE) has a strong brand heritage in music – a key driver for an innovative image. The brand strategy was to build on this and form credible communication platforms with partners, creating deeper engagement with the consumers and resulting in increased sell-through.

MTV is the most passionate and trusted source of music for European youth. So why not leverage this strong image for SE. In 2006, the partnership with MTV European Music Awards (MTV EMAs) began. The classical sponsorship approach led to success in terms of awareness, but was less successful in brand engagement.

Passive logo sponsorship didn't involve consumers and sales partners sufficiently to significantly drive sales.

The challenge: Turn a passive sponsorship into an active sponsorship to maximize ROI.

For maximum efficiency, the sponsorship had to be extended to an engagement and sell-through campaign. It was essential that consumers and sales partners were involved.


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