Pernod Ricard Rouss: Akhtamar

After vodka, brandy is the most popular spirit in Russia, with Armenian brandies holding pride of place. ARARAT leads the segment with a market share of 20%. During the Soviet era, ARARAT was probably the only product that we would now acknowledge as a premium brand. Even today, it is the most recognized symbol of Armenia in Russia and Eastern Europe.

Since 1989, pretender and counterfeit ‘Armenian’ brandies emerged, significantly damaging Russian consumer confidence in Armenian Brandy and the ARARAT brand. In addition, ARARAT faced negative associations with Soviet times, so its modern, premium associations began to fade.

To reaffirm its position and clearly differentiate itself from pretender and generic Armenian Brandies, ARARAT developed a new Brand Platform: ‘Engaging and Inspiring Legends for Today’. This formed the basis for ARARAT's Akhtamar 360 Campaign launched in late 2009. It was destined to reassert ARARAT's premium status and authenticity within the Armenian brandy segment in Eastern Europe.


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