Campaign details

Client: Adam Opel AG
Brand: Opel
Agency: Scholz & Friends Hamburg GmbH
Category: Automotive
Country: Germany

When Opel released its first city car in 2013, its success seemed everything but a safe bet. Why should Opel be able to score against well established and beloved incumbents? Why should urban drivers need yet another tiny car? Opel's ADAM found answers to those questions.

Throughout the years numerous car companies launched cute little cars to leverage the urbanisation trend and connect with young target groups. Fiat was the first brand to realise the urban drivers' need for a fashionable city car and revamped their classic model from the 60s – the Cinquecento. It became the category's most admired lifestyle icon. No competitor was able to contest Fiat Cinquecento's lifestyle equity. Until ADAM came along. Within just one year ADAM became the category's hottest lifestyle brand while all competitors declined.

Communication objectives

  1. Become one of the top 3 brands associated with Germany's and Italy's city car category.
  2. Establish ADAM as one of the 3 most fashionable city cars in Germany and Italy – by scoring on the lifestyle equity drivers: "Personality, Character", "Design" and "Trendiness".

Business and marketing objectives

  1. Leapfrog into a top 3 position in terms of purchase consideration in Germany and Italy.
  2. Leverage ADAM's car configurator: Make more prospects try and complete the online car configuration process than any other configurator in General Motors' history.
  3. Reach 20,000 sales in Germany and Italy within one year.

Target audience