Challenge, context & objectives

The story of a fair challenger

11 years ago, O2 Slovakia entered the telco market ruled by 2 big mainstream operators – Slovak Telekom and Orange. From the beginning on, it occupied the challenger position, challenging old fashioned telco products and communication, introducing second tariffs for calls and fighting for fairness and freedom, against unfair commitments and fees, non transparent customer conditions.

Freedom without commitments and barriers – Only in O2 you could be free, without a commitment and pay just for what you really spent. All products, communication and the whole brand were built on a single, strong brand value – fairness. As the years passed by, O2 Slovakia became a strong brand with more than 2 million customers.

O2 in Czechia is in a different position as it is the biggest telco operator in the country helping to move the society forward thanks to providing state-of-the-art technological solutions.