Campaign details

Brand: Neste
Advertiser: Neste
Agency: TBWA\Helsinki
Country: Finland

Countries in which effectiveness was proven

Finland & United Kingdom.

Campaign background

Neste is an energy company making a shift from fossil fuel (crude oil) to renewable raw materials (mainly waste fat from food industry). Its mission is to leave future generations a healthier planet. That's why already over 50% of its profit comes from renewable fuels and materials. The change has been fast: just a decade ago, 100% of Neste's (known as Neste Oil at the time) profit came from fossil fuels.

Neste, with a 15 billion $ revenue (2015), is competing against oil industry giants from Saudi Aramco (478 billion $) to Exxon (269 billion $). Unlike these behemoths, Neste doesn't own oil fields. Therefor it's only in Neste's (and the environment's!) interest to abandon fossil fuels.