Lacoste L.12.12: Polo in a bottle

Client: Procter & Gamble
Brand: Lacoste L.12.12
Agency: Grey Paris
Category: Product/Service Launch
Country: France

Sales were declining and the image was becoming blurred, especially with the young. Looking at the range, it was clear that all products had something to do with Lacoste, but none of them was 'Lacoste', in the way CK One is Calvin Klein's main ambassador. A signature fragrance was missing. Creating one and concentrating resources on it during a full year would be the way to embody Lacoste in fragrances more perceptibly. It would provide a strategic platform for the total brand and a stronger foundation for continued future growth and image.


Business Objective

  • Restore growth of total Lacoste Value sales in 2011 at +10% by launching a signature male fragrance successfully across markets. In particular, the key markets of France, Germany, UK and Spain