Kofola: Fofola

Campaign details

Brand: Kofola
Agency: Zaraguza
Advertiser: Kofola Ceskoslovensko
Country: Slovakia

Campaign Background & Summary

A local cola fighting the global might of Coke

Kofola is a traditional Czechoslovak cola brand which has been refreshing the region for 56 years and is the No.2 player in the carbonated soft drinks market after the global giant, Coca Cola.

But Kofola had a problem. The biggest cola consumers were young urbanites who were drawn to the promise of foreign chic and modern happiness delivered by Coca Cola. What's more, Coke's bigger advertising budget and refrigerated-distribution meant that an ice-cold Coke was always nearby and the brand was 'always on'.

Kofola couldn't compete on budget, image or fridges. It was unashamedly local and proud to be so. Our task was to help Kofola reclaim the hearts, minds and the wallets of young, urban Cola drinkers. With outdoor/on-the-go being important for younger drinkers we focused on the 0.5 litre format.