Kia Rio: Admiration Guaranteed

Client: Kia Motors Europe GmbH
Brand: Kia Rio
Agency: INNOCEAN Worldwide Europe GmbH & gürtlerbachmann GmbH
Category: Automotive
Country: Germany

The future belongs to the supermini. With a market share of almost 25%, supermini (B-segment) cars are already an important sales factor for mainstream brands. Further growth is anticipated in this segment due to the continuing trend towards 'downsized' vehicles – which in itself has brought about a transformation in the industry in recent years. As a consequence, the primary goal is to attract new, young customers at an early stage and to offer alternatives to higher car categories. Clear positioning within the market is therefore of great strategic importance to ensure future growth in line with the rest of the sector.

The Kia Rio is still an outsider. The new Kia Rio should achieve the breakthrough.

On a rational level, the facts are convincing: with its new design, class-leading results in fuel consumption and emissions, plus a 7-year warranty, the new Kia Rio is without question an attractive product, but what it lacks is adequate prominence and a strong brand image in comparison to its dominant and established competitors. This is where the campaign comes into play.