When a simple shift in the marketing mindset from product-centric to user-centric leads to, eventually, a radical shift in the corporate culture and a revolutionary new marketing strategy, the company has ethnography to thank for it. BFS, a well-established company offering processed vegetables, seeks to increase vegetable consumption in the professional kitchen. To do so, they must enter a professional kitchen, learn from chefs about their culture, and immerse themselves in the professional gastronomical world before they can come out the other end with ideas of how to radically reconfigure their approach to selling vegetables.

Introduction: Immersion in the target culture results in a powerful strategic change

Although vegetables are trendy and attract a lot of attention among users and professional chefs, vegetable consumption in Europe continues to stay low, occupying only the margins of a consumer's plate, so to speak.

Today, only 10% of total vegetable consumption takes place out of home. This figure is considerably low, especially considering the current trends that incite users to turn towards plant-based nutrition. For a producer of processed vegetables, this consumption pattern is a great challenge to overcome: what can be done to increase the consumption of vegetables in restaurants, to incite chefs to use more vegetables?