This case study highlights how two distinct and developing technologies were uniquely combined to deliver actionable consumer intelligence for an up-and-coming snack brand, bare®, in an evolving product category.

The background

How can bare snacks differentiate itself in the marketplace?

bare provides simple snacks made from real fruit that is baked (never fried or freeze dried), preservative-free, and non-GMO. They are a start-up based in San Francisco, California that is growing quickly beyond their farmer's market roots. As their loyal following of Chipsters (what they lovingly call their audience) grows, bare is staying true to making simple snacks that are simply delicious.

bare's challenge is maintaining an edge in an ever-growing market, gaining a better understanding of their target audience and strengthening their advantages against stiff competition - specifically dang® snacks. Further, the company is looking for their biggest opportunities for growth and how to align resources to support them.