A qualitative study by comrecon brand navigation (www.comrecon.com) shows audio usage in 2025 with amazing insights, from the user's point-of-view. The study draws the findings in the form of a map of the audio usage, in the sense of a mind map, that is how people emotionally relate to the audio sources and use them. The methodical procedure consists of a mix of two online forums over 12 days, with 98 active participants and two LEGO® Serious Play Workshops. The goal was to recognise the current audio usage and changes, until the year 2025.

Our clients were RMS Deutschland, Radiozentrale and ARD Werbung. Their goal was to find out how people will use audio and radio in the future, and what that means for their offerings and broadcasters. How should they align to meet users' needs? Since then, the study has provided the basis for workshops and brainstorming for new offerings and services across the radio sector.

The study design and objective of the study