A brand in crisis. A cut-throat category. No money to spend. How do you rebuild a brand after it has made headlines for all the wrong reasons? Oi used emotion and smart research to wipe out marketing waste and begin the climb back to happiness.

The Problem: A Brand in Crisis?

Oi is South America's biggest telecoms company, boasting 63 million subscribers. Formed during the privatization of Brazil's state telecoms firms, it became a regional giant, expanding into mobile, advertising nationally, and sponsoring the 2014 FIFA World Cup. However, the company was also saddled with large debts and in a volatile economic situation it faced significant underinvestment and major financial problems. Whatever the ins and outs of its finances, the company was, and still is, a customer-facing brand. As such its brand equity is one of its most important assets in helping it return to financial health, but since 2014, Oi's levels of brand consideration among consumers had been falling and its levels of rejection rising.