We live in a world of Infobesity with so much information that is evolving constantly and rapidly, that harnessing this for business decision-making is a challenge. The essential dilemma comes from marrying the diligent practices of insight generation to the demands of customer centricity where there is need for real-time, instant, post-truth insights. So what do we mean by Post-Truth Insights? It means letting go of some of the purist objectivity to acknowledge the power of beliefs, emotions and subjective focus of creating desired outcome (implied as with post-truth 'facts'). It also means speaking a customer centric language that speaks to business stakeholders - not the research language of process, method and output.

This paper shares the experience of a pilot set up by Intel and Ipsos to build an ongoing framework for instant insights that can aid different stakeholders to explore rapid activation with micro-targets, sitting within the company ecosystem - and not as an external truth. This paper shares the journey of how we got there.

The context