Outside in: Using principles of external creative communications for internal insight deployment

Teresa Kalyan, John Robson and Jo Lowndes
Nokia and Sparkler, UK


In a 2011 world of silo-ed operational units, global and local matrices, PowerPoint exhaustion and overactive email accounts, getting your work to cut through is increasingly difficult to achieve. Yet effective dissemination of insight is increasingly vital to the very notion of what a brand is. This paper demonstrates how to ensure your insights, brand vision and best practices are heard and acted upon by applying principles, based on classic marcomms strategy.

Our ten principles of internal communication will be relevant to all those who have valuable research findings and subsequent brand strategies that they wish to live on in their organisation. They will also be of interest to agencies looking to add value to their work by ensuring its effective use. For simplicity we talk about ‘your organisation’, but see this stretching out to agencies helping the organisations that they work with. By distilling our approach into ten key principles, which will resonate because of their application to external marketing challenges, everyone will take away a set of practical points that can be acted on holistically or one at a time in a gradual refinement of their approach to insight communication. Those that most successfully apply these principles of communication will be the ones who deliver the most end value to their organisation.