Social media set to overtake total TV spend

Social media is fast becoming the primary arena for judging marketing effectiveness.

Digital advertising has doubled in the last five years, and within that, social media is set to dominate that spend. One report predicts social media spend will exceed that of TV within two years.

The recent woes of Facebook haven't dampened the appeal of social media to advertisers.

Figure 1. Social media advertising is increasing

Social media posts are not a 'campaign'

We can't just apply old thinking to new platforms.

With social media, the idea of an advertising 'campaign' is irrelevant. With traditional media, campaigns are developed around a specific communication idea. This is integrated across different platforms - TV, print, outdoor, POS, and digital.

Brand equity measures track the campaign's impact on brand image and market performance. Research has a role in testing the idea and its execution to address any issues before launch.