Media Continuity Vs. Concentrated Flights: Which Works Best in France and How Do We Know?

Patrick Ballarin
France Espace (France Tlvision), France.
Laurent Battais and Laurent Spitzer
MarketingScan, France.


French advertising is currently competing in a race where each brand wants to emerge. Each advertiser tries to build a campaign that, in itself, will be viewed as better than those of its competitors - a campaign that has such influence on the consumer that at one point the visibility of the campaign 'explodes'. A perverse effect can also occur and the campaign thus becomes a 'flash in the pan'. This type of logic does not take into consideration the TV viewer’s and/or consumer’s continuous flow of purchasing on a global population level, whereas a campaign which is spread out has the advantage of producing a continuous flow of distributed contacts towards the market targeted. This permits the advertiser to permanently accompany the TV viewers/consumers in their purchasing behavior. Furthermore, it allows an advertiser to advertise alone without any direct competitor.

Short Term Effectiveness Can Be Measured