During the last few years, the industry has been questioning about the future of market research. Furthermore, in the last few years clients are no longer looking to hire research agencies just to solve a specific question that helps them with the strategic decision-making process, but they are expecting to get useful information that helps them with the development of different processes of their organization like human resources, production, sales, marketing, etc. According to this new reality, the question of the future itself has been divided mainly into two fields:

  1. How can data collection processes be leveraged on new technology to generate more data or a better-quality data that help the agencies get to better and more actionable results for clients?
  2. How can research deliver results that have a more significant impact on our client's business?

In the last ten years, technology has disrupted a wide variety of industries, from transportation to hotels, cars, rockets and food delivery. These industries have been changed either by recent technologies applied to existing products or by new business models that would not be feasible with the underlying software and hardware they have developed over this period of time.