The need to embrace change

As market researchers we need to keep up with the fast changing world around us and in particular the rapidly changing nature of communications. The way consumers connect with each other is evolving, conversations are becoming increasingly shorter in text and more visual. Individuals now have a vast range of digital activities they can engage with, be it sending that Snapchat, adding an Instagram story, checking-in on Facebook, catching-up on the WhatsApp Group or simply scrolling through the net. It's no wonder digital communications and social media have now become so entrenched in consumer life.

The sheer volume of digital information means that online 'asking' research, such as surveys and discussions, needs to fight harder to attract attention. This is only compounded by poor survey experiences that do not reflect the communication styles consumers are experiencing daily (i.e. surveys with long form answers, which are text heavy and slow to complete), and in a world of Snapchats,140 character limits and visual-only communications, answering 20 questions can feel like a daunting task. Most researchers will acknowledge that participant response rates and full completions are continual challenges.

Asking less and listening more