Being 'more david'

Danone is a Goliath in the yogurt world, leading the global category for many years, driven by our core philosophy of health through nutrition. In recent years, alongside the fragmenting consumer landscape, consumer expectations of "health" and "nutrition" have shifted dramatically. This has been driven largely by two things - one being the Millennial generation and the mindset they have imparted on the rest of the world. The other being the small, local start-up brands with the ability to move fast and change the game in what feels like minutes-the Davids to our Goliath. The first of these meant we had to reframe the way we create true human & cultural meaning in the world. The second meant we had to do it fast. We had to be 'more David'.

The new paradigm: The need to re-imagine our approach to insights

We knew that being 'more David' was not going to be easy. Recent insight from Kantar Consulting's Insight and Marketing 2020 studies told us that everything in marketing had changed, except for how we as an industry worked. How companies were organised, how marketing and sales were siloed, and even how they recruited had not really changed despite the seismic shifts in speed to market, role of data and technology, and of course consumer expectations.