Access for everyone

When we're deciding what to make for dinner or need to quickly check home remedies for an illness, many of us turn immediately to the device right in our pockets. It is a habit that is almost subconscious and seems a natural part of our everyday life. Finding answers or solutions in an instant is only a search away. But imagine not having access to that phone, or even the Internet. You could check an encyclopedia, but what if the nearest library was four hours away? Or the nearest hospital a full day's trip? What if the only way to enrol in government benefits was through a phone or computer that you've never even seen up close?

These situations are common in rural parts of the world, particularly in India, which is the focus of this paper. These rural locations are far removed from the easy access of information that many of us take for granted. As such, the Indian government created the Pradhan Mantri Gramin Digital Saksharta Abhiyan, which is a scheme aiming to make one person in every family digitally literate and is an integral component of Prime Minister Modi's vision of "Digital India."