Getting the full picture: Understanding moms' online behaviour

Mauro Fusco, Pepe Tomás, Carlos Ochoa and Joaquim Bretcha
Millward Brown and NetQuest

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This paper delves into the analysis of the different online behaviour among one of the most requested targets in market research - pregnant women and recent mothers, with kids under four years old. By tracking the devices they use to access the Internet, we have been able to define different patterns, not only when surfing the web but also when using different apps from mobile devices.

Opinions and behaviours

When talking about data collection for market research purposes, we are usually interested in two different types of data. The first one, which could be denominated "opinions", refers to subjective data like emotions, intentions, moods or preferences; that is, all kinds of information that is inside our brains. The second one, which could be termed "behaviours", is a kind of record of our physical actions, for instance, the places we have visited, the products we have purchased or the total amount of money we have spent in the last month.