Doctor, Doctor, I've Been Dabbling in Non-Conscious Measurement: 5 practical tips on incorporating non-conscious measurement in #MR

Dipesh Mistry, Chris Warren


Old and repetitive, two words that have extremely negative connotations. New and innovative, meanwhile evoke positive, exciting emotions. Market research, much like many other industries, has been fascinated with innovation for years but perhaps no more so than now. Much of what is being done in market research now is trying to become just that, innovative and exciting by using new and innovative techniques to dig deeper into the customer psyche. One of the newer and more innovative fields that is emerging is the use of neuroscience, neuropsychology or the wider term 'non-conscious techniques', in order to gain deeper insight into what respondents are thinking. The aim of this paper is to increase awareness of the realities of running non-conscious research. There are challenges in taking a science and bringing it into the commercial world though, challenges that are highlighted through case studies in this paper.