Brand Loyalty Among Mobile Phone Users

Paulo Lus Gomes Alves
Silvia de Aquino
Research International


Changing brands is not easy for the customers and the attractions of a new brand or a new model have to be strong to make them move. The tendency to experiment can be influenced by the level of innovation of the total offer when buying a new model, which has to take into account many products and service issues to attract users of the other brands. The customer choice at the moment of choosing a new handset is usually made among the group of brands they do not reject and are strongly influenced by the product features. The partnership with Service Operators also plays a very important role in the promotion and distribution of the handset makes. This creates a strong liaison with the customer, as most of the times the Operators are a financing agent of the cell phone handset and the customers do not easily lose possible advantages they have with their Operators.

The Methodology