In medieval times people sought a universal elixir. They failed, just as modern insighters fail if we proselytise one approach is 'the future'. We search for truth through data – but history tells us there is no universal solution.

Rather, we believe research, tech, insight entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs should join forces to unlock new truths and create a stronger ecosystem – where each collaborates to create a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.


Marketers are awash with data. Which data sources should we use? Traditional metrics seem like old, blunt tools. But what should we put in their place? How do we deal with the increasingly systemic limitations of survey work and integrate new tech methods whilst recognizing their synergies and limitations?

And how do we navigate the right path, choosing the one we should take for the good of all, rather than one we can take for personal gain? We need to respect privacy and personal data at the same time as using it for the benefit of humankind. We have the Cambridge Analytica story to warn us.