Seasonality, at different stages, affects a good number of categories across all industries. However, very few industries are impacted by it as much as the toy industry in Spain. Half of the annual business in the category takes place in just one month. The company's annual performance is determined by the results of this one month. Therefore, companies concentrate the majority of their sales and marketing efforts in the last quarter of the year and by no means can afford to fail in their strategy.

In contrast, since the country was hit by the 2008-2014 economic crisis, it has experienced deep social changes in the last decade. The combination of family budget constraints, the adoption of new technologies, and social media have provoked major changes in the nation's consumption patterns. Particularly in the toy category, where children are at the center of all decisions, technology has impacted the way they approach it. For these reasons, it is vital to have an updated knowledge of the children's world in order to plan a business development strategy which is adapted to what they demand.