In 2027, ten years from now, the global market for market research will be about twice as big as it is now (2017). In parallel to the growth it is more than likely that about 90% of the current activities of the MR industry will have been automated. Ten years from now the supply side of the MR industry will be even more differentiated and diversified than it is now.

In this inspiring "world of change" it is interesting and a reassuring to see that in the next decades the basic need, underlying the demand for insights and research, will not change – as it has not changed over the past century. Coping with uncertainties requires insights, knowledge exchange, inspiration and activation, resulting in trust and confidence. The more new initiatives are developed, the bigger the need. The more the environment or human decision making is new or changing the more organizations are looking for input strengthening trust and confidence.

No doubt in 2027 the market for market research and the career opportunities for professionals in market research will be more vibrant than ever. The tableau showing the research industry in 2027 includes four different panels showing four different realities. In each 2027 reality success is possible and today's young professionals will make their dream come true.

2027, What can we learn from the history of market research