The Communication Goal

How do we delight somebody who has everything in life?

Vodafone's HNI base contributes to more than 30% of revenue, with 10X the ARPU of a regular customer. With intense competition, retaining this segment was of utmost importance & priority. Maharashtra & Goa were the priority markets for Vodafone, contributing to 42% of HNI customers. Thus, the task at hand was to delight them and thereby increase the Net Promoter Score (NPS) among these HNI customers.

The Situational Analysis

Vodafone's HNI target group is male, 40+ years, who live a lavish lifestyle, live in bungalows, travel in SUV cars, have their own business and travel abroad frequently on business and leisure.

This evolved segment of customers who have experienced life are not only practical but are also sceptical of brand advertising. They don't get influenced by Gifts, Offers, Promotions or 30 sec TVCs. However deep, engaging relationships matter to them a lot. They believe in customer relationship more than in customer service. Something beyond a 30 sec TVC or half page ad was essential to create impact in their life.