The Brand Challenge

"91 % of senior corporate marketers believe successful brands use customer data to drive marketing decisions. But with increasing business complexity and more data to manage, it's easier said than done."

Research source: Marketing ROI in the Era of Big Data, Columbia Business School

Vaseline is the market leader in the hand and body category in India. The 2nd in line Nivea is 1/6th the size of Vaseline in terms of annual sales. The market place is cluttered, especially with a number of local players eyeing share.

Having said that, the immediate cause of anxiety was a Drastic drop in Spontaneous Awareness (Spont) of 800 bps in the December quarter (DQ16).

DQ is season for Vaseline and contributes to maximum sales for the year.

Spont for Vaseline exhibits a very typical behavior. Post March quarter it starts dipping and eventually shoots up in DQ when advertising thrust is at its peak.