The Marketing Objective

52% of Tata Tea sales come from North & East India. In FY 2016-17, this cluster witnessed a slowdown as a result of aggressive competitive spends and heavy discounting by local players. To make matters worse, Tata Tea equity scores were stagnant and potentially under threat.

While the brand was still harnessing borrowed equity from the past, it was imperative to:

  1. Re-establish our thought leadership asset JaagoRe, in a path-breaking manner
  2. Using it to increase brand affinity by 200 basis points

The Target Audience

Tata Tea's core audience has been the home-maker. However, through JaagoRe, they spoke to the cross-section of the society; youth being an important part.

The Situation Analysis

There were 2 fundamental challenges for Tata Tea:

  1. Most brands today are taking up issue-based marketing. Though-leadership is becoming a hygiene; with very few truly walking the talk. JaagoRe had to work in this moral-high ground clutter.
  2. Over the years, the cross-section of the society that JaagoRe awakened, has undergone remarkable change. Home-makers are more progressive and aspiring, youth has become more connected and informed. Hence, JaagoRe had to work in a new, informed society.