Social Cause/Message Objective

  • In spite of huge media investments to the tune of 500- 600 Crores year on year by the leading players, hand wash penetration in India was still stuck at 14% for the past 2 decades.
  • All that it had led to was awareness (>95%) yet no trial as the consumers didn't feel the need for hand hygiene.
  • Our task was to create the relevance for hand hygiene at the grassroot level.

Target Audience

  • Have you ever thought the purpose of Nursery Rhymes?
  • It deeply inculcates good habits at an early age to form the foundation for our life.
  • If the hand hygiene scenario in our country had to be changed, it better started with 'Kids'.
  • The idea was to create awareness about hand hygiene among kids who will in turn influence their friends and family.
  • Also, today's kids are future's adults. Hence, we realized that if we can build the habit of handwashing amongst kids we will surely create a generation that would imbibe into it.

The Situation Analysis & Consumer Insights

  • The competition brands tried raising awareness for hand washing with the route of Fear.
  • The truth is, 'knowing' doesn't necessarily lead to
  • 'Action'. We all know it is unsafe to drink and drive, yet we continue to hear of drunken driving incidents all the time.
  • Clearly awareness for hygiene was not the issue, it was 'acting upon it'.
  • Behavioral change is a mammoth task and if the change has to take place, it must be inculcated at an early age.
  • Kids pick up habits seeing other kids around them. So if we wanted kids to learn the importance of hand washing we had to catch them in an environment where they learn from peers.
  • Most kids spend 50-60% of their awake time at school, it is also a place where kids are more receptive to learning

The Media Solution