The objective

With a base of film industry clients, it was important for ESP Properties to have a comprehensive model to understand the efficacy of Television Promotion for Movie Promotions.

Hit Franchise Hollywood movies were releasing in 4 languages (English, Hindi, Tamil, & Telugu)

Blockbuster Hindi movies were using TV in a big way.

Our objective was, therefore, two-pronged

  1. To Convert Business Ambition (Box Office Collections) into an achievable media ambition
  2. To build different media levels for the different markets accounting for the various language versions of the release.

The methodology

  • To draw an extreme parallel, industries like FMCG or E-Commerce are drowning in data - reliable, fast-moving, and comprehensive - from pin- code level sales and distribution to conversion rates of internet shoppers.
  • The film industry lacks in data and has an abundance of variability.
  • It is challenging to give scientific predictions to the outcome of movies and therefore, even more difficult to plan for its inputs, especially in media.
  • In India, Television is the medium with the widest reach & it cuts across all demographics, old & young, rich or poor, modern or traditional. Historically, it has been a key medium for both, watching & advertising movies.