The communication goal

Establish Asian Paints as a source of inspiration for Home Decor by creation of high-value aspiration content. Subsequently the aim for this content was that, it should have strong perspective and must stand-out in the clutter of all the pre-existing content on Home-Decor, like online-magazines, Social pages/blogs of AIDs.

The situation analysis

  • The season one of 'Asian Paints - Where the heart is', created a lot of Impact and buzz. It also created its own identity and touched the viewers with aspirational stories. While the first season created a lot of awareness, the same did not rub off on Asian Paints. This year we had to make sure that 'Where the heart is' has a good Halo effect on Asian Paints.
  • In season one, we observed that 'Young & Attractive' personalities create higher impact and better brand recall. Hence, in season 2, we decided to take these learnings and select our celebrities accordingly.
  • We looked at the audience who had interacted with Season 1 episodes and basis those insights, we created strong passion driven content integrations in the video.