Wyevale Garden Centres: Wyvale Garden Centres - Customer Journey


Campaign overview

Despite amassing more than three million members The Garden Club, the loyalty club of Wyevale Garden Centres (WGC), was not used to unlock sufficient value or insight.

This campaign overhauled the customer journey to increase average spend, repeat purchases and loyalty. It took a latent marketing asset, turned it into a key revenue driver at the heart of WGC's business and more than doubled its target ROI.


The previous loyalty programme used purely transactional based targeting, so the team enhanced this with lifestyle and geodemographic segmentation to identify three clear audience segments. This enabled targeted and relevant communications that increased incremental sales.

'Leisure and discovery gardeners' included members who are just starting out on their gardening journey. 'Focused favourites' are those with clear gardening passion points. 'Committed gardeners' are experts.