Campaign background

Did you know that 75% of the population has no reliable system of addressing?

What3Words wanted to start ground-breaking conversations about putting these addressing infrastructures into place, without it costing millions.


Around four billion people are invisible with no reliable way of receiving important mail. A barrier to growth, What3words aimed to target this lack of proper addressing system across developing nations.

Putting an addressing infrastructure in place normally costs millions and can takes years to accomplish. OgilvyOne Worldwide's solution had to introduce a system quickly and simply.

Each market represented a huge untapped potential for postal services. For example, only 20% of people and businesses in Nigeria are currently able to receive post, despite the country having the world's seventh largest population.

The strategy was to use special consultants to help identify the top prospects in key markets, and then use simple letters to start a dialogue, that could possibly lead to a trial of the proposed system.