Campaign details

Agency: Merkle | Periscopix

To position Twitter as the fastest place on the internet to find news, conversation and the major topics of the day - using paid search


Using Twitter's unique platform, Merkle | Periscopix created the first bespoke automation tool to machine learning to create real time paid search ads on trending topics – to bring results to the top of Google results.

The initial strategy mapped out major events each calendar month, built out ads and keywords manually, and launched ads several days before the event.

Unique, cultural moments originate on Twitter and gain momentum quickly.

To push this activity to users at the exact point they search for it, in real time, required natural language machine learning to process tweet data and generate copy

The algorithms were applied to tweets, and a model built to output ads and keywords that complied with Google's ad policies and character limits - all while creating high quality, personalised ads that users would want to engage with.