Campaign details

Agency: Keko London

Launching a global strategy to sign up 10,000 motorcyclists to test ride Triumph Modern Classics vehicles.


A vast initiative required a far-reaching campaign. Keko London and Triumph hit upon the idea of "The Spirit of ’59", calling on the brand's heritage to engage key European markets, as well as the US and Japan.

1959 ushered in a new era of people living life to the full and was the year the Triumph Bonneville hit the streets. The model remains a symbol of individuality and freedom for style-conscious bikers, and is reflected in the Modern Classics range that combines leading-edge technology with the rebellious spirit of ’f59.

Since the campaign needed to be cool, it harnessed the buzzing social media scene around bikes, enlisting influencers to back the test ride offer. Consumers already engaging with the brand were targeted with a five-phase content plan featuring a prize draw, while lookalikes and competitor brands' customers were also reached.