Campaign details

Agency: WDMP

For winter 2017-18, Neilson decided to move away from travel agents to sell their flagship ski holidays exclusively direct.

The challenge was to build this direct business in amongst much bigger brands.


To carve out direct sales, Neilson needed to get smarter, stand out and prove compelling value.

Whilst seeking the most persuasive reasons to choose Neilson, the campaign recognised that not all skiers are the same.

Combining data mining, CSQs, social listening, search data, analysis and research, uncovered the perfect "Neilson skier".

Someone who was an "experienced intermediate": They love the whole experience of being in the mountains, not just the skiing. And they love having stories to tell and squeezing the most out of every moment.

Through direct and digital their desire for experiences was meshed with Neilson's flagship offering – "Mountain Experts" – a small army of fully-qualified instructors who know each resort like the back of their glove.