Campaign details

Agency: WM Select, Wavemaker

The campaign had to launch the Huawei P20 Pro handset and grow market share – by overcoming some significant barriers


There were four challenges Huawei faced.

They have smaller budgets than Samsung or Apple; a low brand awareness score; are 100% reliant on retailers; and the mobile handset market was stagnant.

So the campaign immediately challenged convention by launching early, driving more awareness and building a list of engaged users to re-target post launch.

To make the limited budget work even harder, the work used YouTube retargeting, created look-a-like audiences and set up in-market audiences.

To ensure collaborative working with mobile phone resellers (e.g. Carphone Warehouse), Huawei implemented the new Affiliate Location Extensions on Mobile.

This meant users were able to get directions to their nearest retailers to buy the P20 Pro - people would go past a Huawei billboard and be enticed into their nearest retailer via a search ad on their mobile.