Campaign background

Honda entered 2017 determined to maintain their position as market leader; but a gap in their product cycle meant they'd have no new 'entry level' machines for first-time riders.

They needed something radical to stay ahead of the pack.


Due to an unfortunate gap in Honda's product cycle, the UK's leading motorcycle brand entered 2017 with no new entry-level Motorcycles, popular with first-time riders, to promote.

Karmarama took themselves back to the principles of Soichiro Honda, the company's founder, who was known for getting out and seeing the problem first hand. This is the Japanese philosophy of 'Genba' (going to the place to learn) and that's exactly what they did; they became first time riders.

Experiencing learning to ride for themselves taught Karmarama that riding your first motorcycle is as daunting as it is exciting, and comes with an enormous amount of information.

They soon realised, if they could offer learners a quick and simple path through the confusion of learning to ride, they could lead them to a Honda School of Motorcycling where they'd learn on a Honda.