Campaign details

Brand: Health Education England
Lead agency: MullenLowe Open

Campaign Overview

The NHS is facing crisis.

More nurses are leaving than joining - and there are over 40,000 vacancies. Training new nurses takes three years and freelance recruitment costs billions.

The campaign needed to convince ex-nurses to come back.


Nurses were asked why they were leaving the profession and segmented into three categories: disillusioned, retiring and time out.

The latter "planned returners" - the biggest pool but easiest to turn round - became the target.

Many had rational barriers such as childcare, but others were having a crisis of confidence.

To combat this on a small budget, reaching as many lapsed nurses as possible, the initiative needed to punch above its weight and get noticed.

Mumsnet was singled out as a key partner, with a high number of site users in the target market.