Campaign details

Brand: Benefit
Lead agency: Merkle

Campaign Overview

In a saturated industry, Benefit wanted to ensure it was the only voice being heard.

Traditional search leads to thousands of answers to a single question. But with voice search, users usually get only one answer.


Optimising for voice search has two options: the transactional route via Amazon's Alexa; and the informational route, where voice assistants read out Featured Snippets from Google. Amazon doesn't list Benefit, so it plumped for Featured Snippets.

The cosmetics brand was able to own voice search and connect directly with the consumer, ensuring it would be heard. It also dominated traditional search.

The strategy enabled strong ROI, which will continue to grow alongside voice search adoption.


As Benefit sold predominantly through traditional retail channels, it needed to compete with social media-backed start-ups and their direct links to consumers.