Agency: Proximity Brasil


The objective was increase client awareness of the possibilities of Up!'s new functions and reduce complaints on social networks. To do so, we needed to improve the connection with the brand and the consumption of information on the product.

It was extremely important to have well-defined engagement KPIs. We would need a high email opening rate, and we set the aggressive goal of 12% of unique open rate (3 times more than the company's average during that period) and 12% email clicks.


The first step of the strategy was thinking of the format that we would use to reach the client. The definition of short-content videos was relatively simple. Video is as format that reaches high levels of engagement, and it can be very educative and friendlier than long texts.

After the definition and creation of the video content, we needed to define how to activate the campaign. To do that, the first step was thinking about 4 potential targets inside the client's lifecycle.

  1. Post-purchase moment: the client was discovering the car and we could make them see a more human VW that thinks about the clients.
  2. Experience moment: we needed to simplify the reading of the car's manual, which could get really boring, and make the clients feel their life could be easier with video content (new manual service) that was exclusive do VW.
  3. Repurchase moment: we should recapture the client and make him think that VW started looking at its clients in a more human way.
  4. Win back moment: the objective in this phase was to surprise the client with something new. With a more human VW, we would like to make this client return to the brand.