The consumer car buying process involves plenty of research, as it's typically the second largest purchase someone makes in their lifetime (next to a home). Shoppers often compare multiple models, which can turn into an information overload. However, we know that a test drive dramatically increases the likelihood to purchase.

Our goal? Reach out to prospective Golf buyers and increase test drives by 40% while also increasing sales across the full lineup of Golf vehicles. At a time when consumers in the car-buying market are increasingly looking to peers, public forums, social media and review sites for transparency- Volkswagen needed to find a highly effective way to reach a unique and diverse audience and drive our desired behavior.


The VW Golf has inspired a following in all generations. It's a community that welcomes people from all walks of life, and they're often highly educated and inquisitive. Our target buyer - The Conscientious Car Lover, represents a small portion of the Canadian population (13%). They've proven to have a few things in common, including a deep knowledge and passion for cars and the need to thoroughly research their purchase decisions. They are trusted amongst their peers to share this knowledge and to give advice. Through social listening and qualitative research with current Golf Drivers we arrived at our key insight: