Agency: Proximity London


Virgin's brand promise is to provide unique and exceptional customer experience; it's why people pay a premium to travel with them.

However, communications from Virgin Holidays broke that promise.

Research showed that the time between booking and departure is surprisingly stressful. Plus, the more headspace taken up by stress, the less room there is for getting excited about going on holiday.

But an audit of the existing journey showed that customers were being bombarded by 35 disjointed communications, as well as dozens of duplications from six disparate internal teams. We were actually making things worse.


To reflect the battle for headspace, we divided our communications in two. A service journey for ultra-clear, critical information and an engagement journey for celebrating everything customers have to look forward to.

This twin-tracked journey became the ecosystem that would simultaneously drain away anxiety and replace it with excitement, delivering on the highly personal Virgin Holidays customer experience that customers pay for.