Agency: Clemenger BBDO Melbourne

Product Description

The Transport Accident Commission (TAC) are a social insurer and road safety educator for the state of Victoria, Australia. In the facing of a rising road toll and an apathetic public, they wanted to start a conversation about the human body's vulnerability to the impact forces of a crash. Understanding vulnerability can influence not just one behaviour like speeding, but many: the way we drive, the cars we buy, clicking on a seatbelt or not.

Objective of the Campaign

Vulnerability isn't a simple message, nor a new one. For years, the TAC has shown the body break in all sorts of crash scenarios. We needed to get away from another crash on a road. We learnt that a pedestrian (unprotected human) has a tolerance of impact forces of up to 30km/hr. That is a speed that our unevolved body can cope with. 200,000 years ago, a human could fall from a tree or collide with a rock face and they would still be okay. Yet the speed of modern technology has far outstripped our ability to evolve with it. Armed with this fact, we believed we could provoke road users to reflect on their vulnerability in a new way. To reflect on how our form would have to be designed to be invincible. We asked ourselves, what would we need to look like to survive a crash on the roads?

Target Audience