Tang: Recyclass

Ogilvy & Mather Philippines

Objective of the campaign

For Filipino moms and kids Tang is a product that delivers enjoyment and refreshment for only $0.25 per pack. But in spite of its affordable price, consumers don't consider it as a basic need, easily dropping it off their shopping basket when times are hard and other priorities come in. With more than 70% of the population belong in the low-income segment, being the world most exposed country to cyclones, and most new jobs coming in the form of temporary employment, hard times come often.

Given this, Tang faced a seemingly inescapable problem of volatility. As Tang is Mondelez's largest brand (responsible for 40% of the entire company's revenue) in the Philippines, the brand's performance greatly impacts the entire local and regional business, making it a huge business concern for Mondelez Philippines and even APAC.

To compound the market realities in 2013, the entire refreshment beverage category was maturing and experiencing flat performance, which became an even bigger challenge for Tang.